*28 inch handmade body wave with a dark closure 
*4x4 dark closure
*Malaysian Body wave
*Pre-bleached and pre-cut 
*180 density
*22" circumference
*Hair Care Instruction:
  ---Before washing, brush out all tangles from the bottom and up to the weft. For curly hair do            not brush it; finger comb to remove tangles.
  ---fill a bowl with warm water and add shampoo
  ---gently move the wig back and forth in the water and finger comb it
  --- rinse out and refill bowl and add conditioner
  ---rinse out with cold water 
  ---gently squeeze water out of the wig and dry with a towel 
  ---brush through with wig brush from bottom and up
  ---do not blow dry; put wig on a wig stand and let it air dry

Body Wave 28”